Grace Christian College is an evangelical Christian institution of higher learning and has as its purpose the offering of programs of study in an environment where academic excellence is emphasized, and a biblically based perspective is maintained. Grace is committed to enriching its students spiritually, intellectually, and professionally, and to preparing students to serve God in a global and culturally diverse society.

Vision Statement

To develop spiritual leaders in every nation who can teach and disciple others about Christ and His Kingdom. 

Purpose and Objectives

Grace Christian College is committed to living, learning, and worshipping as a community of faith based upon the grace of God. Through the faculty, staff, administration, and trustees, Grace strives to lead students to a correct understanding of doctrine with the necessary skills to communicate the Truth. We live by the spirit of God to love one another, to challenge one another for greater growth in the Lord, and to walk together with integrity in this world. Grace Christian College seeks to prepare others to proclaim God’s Truth courageously to a world that is in need of hope. We want to glorify God by walking in God’s grace, ministering God’s Word, and equipping God’s people. As an academic community of faith, Grace seeks to guide students:

 • To develop a personal Christian philosophy of service and an ethical and spiritual commitment which is based upon and examined in the light of biblical revelation.

• To grow in an understanding of the Word of God that is textually based, theologically consistent, and scripturally sound.

 • To develop effectiveness in the use and understanding of communications, both written and spoken, employing analytical and logical thinking in the process.

• To become a contributor to God’s kingdom in a manner consistent with historical, conservative, evangelical Christian principles, leading and participating responsibly in local church, community, and world affairs.

• To accurately handle the Word of God in ministries appropriate to their calling.

• To grow in understanding, appreciation, and application of biblical exegesis, biblical and systematic theology, biblical interpretation, hermeneutics, history, the church, and global ministry opportunities.

• To prepare students to make life-long commitments and investments of their lives in Christian ministries.

• To prepare students for continuing study by becoming acquainted with electronic technology resources and methods of scholarly research.

Core Values

  • Grace Christian College is committed to and intentional about our Christian faith.

  • Grace Christian College will responsibly teach the Truth of the Gospel.

  • Grace Christian College strives for excellence.

  • Grace Christian College believes in the importance and cultivation of Christian character.

  • Grace Christian College believes in impacting and changing the world for Christ.

Philosophy of Education

We believe that mankind was created in the image of God and was given the responsibility of caring for all things that God has created (Genesis 1:27). We believe that all people have many abilities and that we need to help them to develop these God-given talents. These principles apply equally to men and women, young and old. Because of our high calling, we need to excel in all educational programs, providing a systematic and comprehensive training in the Word of God. Therefore, it is imperative to have professors and staff that are competent in their respective fields, who receive evaluation regularly, and who constantly seek ways to improve professional skills. Our Christian philosophy is reflected in the Bible-centered curriculum taught by well-trained and dedicated Christian professors. Our faculty uses textbooks authored by scholarly writers that maintain a commitment to the Bible as the divinely revealed guide for all people. The faculty teaches and students study without fear of their academic freedom being violated and without fear of any kind of discrimination. Each student is granted the right to learn, to inquire, and to explore without restraint. This freedom is guaranteed when a corresponding liberty of instruction is granted to instructors. These rights are extended to the student and faculty members within the parameters of sound scholarship and within the appropriate framework of Biblical foundations and institutional sphere granted by the Board of Trustees.

Ethical Values and Standards

Grace Christian College is an institution that emphasizes the importance of the Christian perspective in all of its academic endeavors. At the heart of its mission and purposes is the School’s commitment to the values and principles of the Christian faith through grace. By accepting the identity of being Christian, Grace makes both explicit and implicit promises about the relationship between its words and actions. This means that integrity defines the very core of its existence as an institution of higher learning. Grace recognizes that it must demonstrate integrity in its practices and relationships. It is necessary that the School be able to show not only that it has policies and procedures, but also that those policies and procedures reflect the values and practices of its mission. Grace demonstrates integrity by its classroom performance, public representations, distribution of information, business practices, contractual arrangements, and relationships with internal and external constituencies. We adhere to the code of ethics accepted by the academic community as well as its specific standards of Christian behavior. Academic integrity is inherent in the nature of our educational tasks. This is reflected not only in the unique relationship between faculty and student but in the manner in which the School represents itself to the public. Grace identifies itself as an evangelical Christian institution of higher learning, which indicates that the academic programs are developed and implemented for a perspective that is distinctly Christian. Grace believes this perspective is consistently expressed in its written documents, academic programs, and in the conduct of its faculty, staff, administration, and students. Every faculty, staff, and administrator at Grace is required to be a Christian in practice and belief and must give a statement of faith as part of the overall interview process for employment consideration. Students are informed about the ethics and values of Grace and agree to abide by the codes of conduct as described in the Student Handbook. Grace believes that Christian values and practices form the basis of all academic and administrative departments.




-Biblical Studies Certificate (BSC) 

-Diploma in Christian Leadership (DCL)

-Associate of Arts in Christian Leadership & Ministry (ACLM)

-Bachelor of Arts in Christian Leadership & Ministry (BCLM)

-Master of Ministry (MM)

-Doctor of Ministry (DM)

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Any person who has a sincere desire to be trained and equipped in Christian growth and service, and who exhibits a proper attitude towards the standards and conduct, purposes, and doctrinal position of the college may enroll.



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All courses are offered face to face, online, or hybrid.

-Online students receive codes to watch lecture videos and complete assignments online.

-Hybrid students complete half in class face to face instruction and half video lecture instruction. 


Our student portal allows current students to log in and access their classes, assignments, grades, student accounts, and more.